4 Weekend Road Trips Under 4 Hours from Toronto

July 18, 2018

So you’re sitting at home in your cramped and sticky living room. Your eyes are drying out in front of a fan set on high, and you are slowly baking into the leather sofa you and your roommates found on Jarvis. Today’s schedule consists mostly of taking one breath after another, reading articles on an insurance website, and dinner by yourself. You need out. Now. It is time to unstick yourself from the couch and start living your best life. How? I’m glad you asked.

With a road trip. Let us at Navigators be your… well… Navigators! Picture it now. You, on a dark and empty 407, cool wind in your hair. With the warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air. Up ahead in the distance – a shimmering light:

Bancroft – 3 hours

The river is way lower than last year but still has a nice flow!

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Scenic, serene, simple, s-words. Reasons to get on your way to Bancroft? So that you can ban your cellphone, your nine-day Snapchat streak with your bestie, work emails, and baby shower invitations. Get back to basics with a trip to a place with the legitimate wilderness.

Sure, you may think yourself a nature-buff because you once kicked a pigeon outside of a café in Kensington Market. But in Bancroft nature is something that you get to admire and respect. The majesty of the wilderness compels you. Slip off your kayak and into the waters of Silent Lake Provincial Park.

Legend has it that the park is so silent your mind can be wiped of all pointless arguments, semantics, and misspelled Starbucks coffee cups. Let the healing sounds of the water, the smell of woodsmoke, and the curious touch of the wild call you home. Let it heal you.

Collingwood – 2 Hours.

What’s that? You think that Collingwood is only a winter destination? Guess again. In the summer Blue Mountain hosts lots of festivals. Downtown there is Theatre Collingwood. Just a stone’s throw away you can try your hand at fishing, boating, or drinking beer with the locals.

The real question is what doesn’t Collingwood have for a perfect get away? Assert your dominance with a well-timed T-pose and then declare that you – the dominant alpha of your social group – will be spontaneously organizing a road trip to Collingwood.

Watch as they compete for front seat. Lead them fearlessly to the land of good times and late nights. Your hair is glorious. Your skin is clear. Finish the weekend by climbing the heights of Blue Mountain. You are the breaking point between heaven and earth.

Niagara-On-The-Lake – 2 hours

After the bustle around the falls we biked for miles past vineyards & orchards.

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Perhaps neither Bancroft nor Collingwood speak to you. Perhaps there is a wine-kissed buzz settling in the back of your head. Niagara calls.

Your arrival will not be trumpeted by horns and bugles, but make no mistake, you have arrived and been reborn like the Greek god of wine. Here you can appreciate the raw natural power of The Falls (the Canadian side, of course).

Take to the clouds in the Niagara Skywheel. Encourage others to reenact the King-of-the-World scene from Titanic aboard The Maid of the Mist, and laugh when they get drenched. Visit incredible wineries. Drink Jackson-Triggs until you are convinced that it is your favourite JT. You owe this to yourself. This is what self-care looks like.

Prince Edward County – 2 hours

Sure, the wilderness of Bancroft sounded nice. The scene in Collingwood earned a head-nod of respect. And the idea of sipping wine at Niagara-on-the-Lake sounded delightful. But you are still reading. You are still hungry for the number one spot on this list. What if I told you that you can have it all.

Welcome to Prince Edward County. Frolic freely at Sandbanks Provincial Park. Try avocado toast so good at the Drake Devonshire Inn that you won’t even be sad to kiss your dreams of homeownership goodbye. Go on an ice-cream pub crawl through the County. Or perhaps try your hand at a real pub crawl. Put on your best wine-snob impression as you swirl dark reds in fancy crystal and discuss the scents of different wines.

Once you are properly fortified, consider taking part in the local live-music scene. Visit the Wellington Farmers Market and try your hand at food prepared by real, live human beings instead of a microwave.

It is time to step out of the grey and black costume of everyday life, and into something new. Someplace new. Someplace where you can be yourself again.

Too long has the heat and noise of city life pushed and pulled you into directions that you do not want to go. Navigate in a direction that you choose. Navigate your way to freedom.

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