Why Navigators

Sometimes insurance is confusing, a tricky mish mash of jargon and difficult to navigate processes. At Navigators we keep things simple and speak your language.

We work with 17 insurance companies which means we’re likely to save you money as well as provide the right solutions for whatever you own – a condo, house, car, road bike, electronics and more.

We’re also independent. No insurance company owns a piece of us and demands a cut of our business regardless of the cost to our clients. We’ll fiercely fight for you – to get the best price, the best coverage and to ensure any claim you may have is settled fairly.

At Navigators we take a few approaches to helping you navigate life’s insurance needs.

  1. Making it Easy to Reach Us
    We know you’re busy and can’t always get to the phone. Our team is available by text, email or phone, so you can get a quote or an answer on a question about your coverage *even while you’re watching the latest episode of Stranger Things on Netflix*
  2. Educating
    Finding you the best coverage and price is just the beginning. We’ll also make sure you understand what you have – and don’t have – by avoiding insurance-speak and giving you access to a stack of resources we’ve created that put insurance terms in plain language. We believe that if you can’t explain something in straightforward terms, you don’t know what you’re talking about.
  3. Speaking in Your Language
    Literally- our team speaks over 10 languages. Couple that with plain language and we have a recipe for a comfortable insurance buying process.

We’re at your service. Get started with us today. We are excited to hear about your life, and protect the things most valuable to you.

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