All packed for back to school – are you protected?

August 17, 2018


Summer’s end signals a student’s return to school. Some will be moving away from home for the first time for their post secondary studies. Amidst all the packing and goodbyes that come with the season, insurance rarely crosses anyone’s mind. Ensure your student is protected during the school year with this guide to student-related insurance.


Landlords who rent to students prefer the security that comes with a student having tenant insurance which is why tenant insurance is listed as a mandatory clause in most leases. Landlords will have insurance for your student’s home, however, this does not extend to the damage or theft of personal belongings nor does it protect against liability risks that arise as a renter. This is how tenant insurance protects your student. Tenant insurance protects the contents of your student’s home, any liability arising from property damages to the home or a neighbour’s home as well as temporary lodging in the event of a flood or fire. It is also important to mention if your student will be living among roommates as it may affect premiums. If your student is living in a student residence they likely do not need or be eligible for tenant insurance. Our team at Navigators can help you find the right coverage for your student’s living situation, you may even be able to extend your home policy to accommodate your student’s living situation.


If a student is leaving for school, changes to your auto policy can be made to accommodate a moving student which may result in savings. If your student is listed as an occasional driver on your auto policy, you may be eligible for a discount if you notify your broker of the student’s move. If your student takes a vehicle to school during the year, your broker should be notified of the change in address as well as the change in the driver’s status (from occasional to primary). A change in address may lower a policy premium depending on the location of the school.


Health insurance is typically included as an expense that is paid through a student’s tuition. Coverage varies with schools; however, this may extend to include dental and vision. Most post secondary institutions will automatically charge for this coverage unless the school has been indicated otherwise. If your student is covered through your existing health policy, ensure your student opts out of their school’s health insurance plan to avoid this unnecessary charge.


If your student plans a trip during reading week or goes away during summer vacation it is important to ensure your student has travel insurance. Travel insurance provides peace of mind should something happen overseas. If your student is studying a year abroad, notify your broker to ensure you have appropriate coverage.

Ask our team how you can protect your student and ensure they are covered for whatever the school year throws at them.

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