Bridezilla – The Hoax Bigger than Bigfoot

October 16, 2018

There are plenty of articles describing “Bridezilla”. But here’s a thought. What if it isn’t the bride that is crazy? What if the crazy thing is trying to coordinate two entire families over the course of several months? On a limited budget? With almost no free time to plan it? What if maybe – just maybe – planning a wedding is incredibly stressful?


It’s the truth. Everything from the meal, to the rehearsal, to the napkins, to the honeymoon, to the inordinate amount of money being spent on everything can be stressful. When you think about it, weddings are the crucibles in which marriages are fire-hardened. Forged. Two families, coming together in a time of mutual bickering. Two shall enter, and yet only one family will emerge. During the process, some inane impurities may be burned away, such as:

Oh, there is no open bar? Your cousin had an open bar.”

“What do you mean? There’s only one vegetarian option!?!?”

“I refuse to wear the bridesmaid dress we all agreed on. I want to wear the cape from my cat Halloween costume.”

*public weeping*

“You didn’t pick your sister to be the maid of honor? In this economy??”

Any time that you have to convene a party involving many people, you inevitably run into scheduling conflicts, delays, and unforeseen events. Sometimes, it is best to mitigate the danger up front. Alcohol is a mainstay at weddings for several reasons. Attendants may want to ignore that their young sibling is getting married before them. Or that they are surrounded by strangers at a moment of peak social and personal anxiety. Or maybe they just really like champagne. Really, really like champagne.

We’re not just here to complain about how hard wedding planning is. There’s insurance for that! Wedding coverage includes Host Liquor Liability for three 24-hour periods – likely the rehearsal dinner, the ceremony, and reception. Which means that you can sleep a little easier and enjoy the matrimonial bliss that is legally required to radiate from every pore of your body.

Wedding insurance also covers:

  • Wedding cancellation.
  • Honeymoon cancellation.
  • Damaged rented property.
  • Stationary.
  • The cake!
  • Rings.
  • Bridal attire.
  • Wedding photos and video.

If romantic comedies have taught us anything about weddings, it’s that anything can happen. Well, and that Julia Roberts is the alpha and the omega of the silver screen. We have seen these threats time and again – and not just in movies. Cakes fall over. Rings drop, bounce, and vanish into the abyss. Wedding photos fail to manifest. The limousine breaks down.

Let’s just avoid all of that.

Better yet, why don’t we start to change the conversations around weddings and “Bridezilla”? Let’s start recognizing that planning a wedding is hard, thankless work and give credit to all of the wedding planners out there. Let’s support them.

Here at Navigators, we just want to make your special day a little easier. Consider getting wedding insurance to protect your special day. Contact us for a quote.

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