Navigators’ ULTIMATE Holiday Season Guide!

November 19, 2018

Welcome to the Navigators’ ULTIMATE Holiday Season Guide! We’ll help you navigate the busy holiday season with these tips on entertaining – (in your small downtown apartment), your responsibility when it comes to your guests drinking and consuming newly legal cannabis, and the ultimate gift guide for the person who has everything!

Tips for Entertaining in Small Spaces:

We’ve all seen the jokes online. “Quaint one bedroom apartment for rent in downtown Toronto – $2000” with a photo of a cardboard box. While it’s not all that bad, Toronto apartment and condos can be pretty small spaces for entertaining.

Rearrange your furniture to maximize floor space

Ask your friends to help you move your couch and chairs off to the sides of the room against walls. The more floor space available, the more room there is for people to stand without over crowding.

Bring in Extra Chairs

Once you have all the furniture off to the side, count seats. Some people just like to stand, but most people will want a seat.  If you don’t have enough seats bring some chairs from other rooms and add those to the edges of the room.

Put food items out periodically

If you’re entertaining in a small space, chances are you don’t have a ton of table space for food. Consider feeding your guests appetizers periodically to limit the items strewn across your coffee table at a time.

Keep the heat down low

Once your guests arrive and the party gets going your small apartment will warm up fast. Turn the heat down a few degrees cooler than you’d usually keep it.

Take their coats

Not only is it fun and classy to say “May I take your coat Sir/Ma’am?”, taking guests coats and storing in a bedroom will free up space for standing and sitting in the main party room.

Host Responsibility

As the saying goes “Not All Heroes Wear Capes”, hosts are the heroes of the holiday season. But, with great power, comes great responsibility. Did you know that if you allow your guests to consume alcohol or legal marijuana in your home you are responsible to monitor their consumption?  Regardless of whether your party is ‘BYOB’ or you’re serving up your own holiday cocktail creations,  you are in charge of the drinking and you must cut your guests off if they have had a little too much.

We all know it- Drinking and driving is dangerous and illegal. But did you know that if you let one of your guests drive home after drinking you can be held legally liable for not stopping them?  Prevent this by taking keys from party guests, letting people know transit directions to and from your place, providing taxi phone numbers, calling Uber or Lyft for guests or even letting them crash on your couch. Same goes for legal cannabis. Let guests know ahead of time that you will not tolerate driving intoxicated and anyone who plans to drive will not be welcome to drink or consume cannabis.

If you’re a tenant or a homeowner you’re also generally responsible for anything that happens on your property. If someone trips and falls (as a result of alcohol or not) you may be held responsible for their injuries. Mitigate this risk by making sure tripping hazards are kept to a minimum. If you’re a tenant, tenants insurance is a good way to protect yourself in case something happens. If you own your home or condo your home policy would do the same.


Gift Giving – For the Person Who Has Everything

We all have one person on our holiday gift list who is impossible to buy for, what do you give someone who already has everything? How about a socially responsible gift that helps someone else? Isn’t that what the holiday season is about?

Make a Donation to a Charity

Make a donation to a charity that works on a challenge near and dear to your recipient’s heart! It’s both a personal gift, because it shows that you support the things they care about, and it gives back and puts your dollars to good use!

Give them an Experience

Nothing builds friendships and relationships like shared experiences! Does your recipient love fast cars? How about a track day experience? Thrill seeker? How about CN Tower Edge walk? Give them a gift of an activity and buy a second ticket for yourself. (Happy Holidays to you too)



To further help you provide an ultimate holiday get-together, we are having a gift card giveaway over on our Facebook page, over the next couple of weeks!

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*This contest is exclusively for residents living in the province of Ontario.

Note: This contest is now closed.

Happy Holidays From Navigators!

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