Ontario Auto Insurance Reform: How A Broker Can Help

April 15, 2019

The Ontario Government has issued a reform on auto insurance to help put more choice back into the driver’s hands. Some of these changes include:

  • A Driver Care Card, streamlining access to care and claims processes
  • Combatting fraud by increasing consumer choice and enhancing competition in the insurance market
  • Bringing electronic proof of auto insurance to Ontario, (which Navigators already makes available to our customers in our app)

You can learn more about the proposed changes on the Ontario Budget website.

Ultimately, these changes mean more choice for you, which can help you save money. But, with more choice comes more responsibility – and more complex insurance packages. This can be exceptionally difficult to navigate. In fact, in an online survey conducted January 8th through to February 15th by the Ministry of Finance, more than half (54%) of respondents said insurance policies are complicated and difficult to understand. With the introduction of customized solutions for the consumer, it is now more important than ever to work with a broker.

So, how can a broker help you?

A Broker Gives You More Options

At Navigators, we are independent insurance brokers. This means we are not incentivized by any insurance agencies to sell their product. Our brokers shop the market, over 15 companies in our case, to get you the best possible quote from the best insurance provider suited to you. You do not have to spend time searching for a deal. Instead, you can explain your situation to a real person and get a customized quote made just for you.

A Broker Works When You Need Them Most

When you use a broker, you talk to a real person. A real person that can answer any questions that you have. Brokers are there for you when you need them, including increased hours.  At Navigators, we offer extended hours on weekdays and some weekend hours. We also currently have the Navigators Insurance App, which allows you to easily access your policy, start a claim, request additional insured drivers and ask questions, 24/7.

A Broker Offers Simplified Payment Solutions

Brokers provide multiple products, coverages all in a single payment solution. When you have multiple assets, such as a car, home and a boat, being able to pay one source can simplify your life. And, as your assets increase, brokers can provide more options for all types of insurance needs. We are here to work for you.

We at Navigators are excited at the prospect of designing custom solutions for each person and to see the advancements that the Ontario Budget can bring for the insurance industry. In the meantime, we eagerly await changes that will help us provide customers with options that truly help them.


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