At Navigators you’re more than just a job title.
Check out some of our shining stars below!

  • Barb Hodder

    Barb Hodder

    Team Leader, Training

    Barb loves showing new employees the ropes, and she’s certainly qualified. With 29 years of experience in the insurance industry, she has learned all there is to know. When she’s not schooling our newbies in insurance she’s reading, baking , and playing bingo and euchre.

  • Tim Currie

    Tim Currie

    Senior Vice President

    As a second generation insurance leader and the father of three sons who also landed careers in insurance, Tim’s passion for insurance innovation is literally in his blood. After a lengthy career at brokerages and agencies Tim found the drive to lead the industry an attractive draw for working at Navigators. When he’s not in the office you can find him on the golf course, the ski hill or at the rink playing hockey.

  • Anthony Tamburro

    Anthony Tamburro

    Client Manager

    Anthony joined Navigators after a year of traveling in the land Down Under. He sees Navigators as a place to grow, and loves the energy of the company. A man with an appetite, Anthony is one of the brave (and hungry) souls who have completed the three pound ”God Father Burger” at Mel’s diner. When he’s not working or doing outrageous food challenges, he’s hitting the ski slopes, playing guitar or studying for the CFA.

  • Brad McAllister

    Brad McAllister

    Client Executive

    This Jr. A hockey player turned coach is at the rink about as much as he’s at the office. After giving insurance a try as a summer student job, Brad turned his passion for coaching into a career coaching people through their insurance decisions. In between coaching, scouting and working you can find Brad training for his next Tough Mudder, watching Netflix or cooking.

  • Brittany Scott

    Brittany Scott

    Client Executive

    Brittany is a fresh face in the insurance industry. A marketing grad from Durham College Brittany comes from the automotive industry. An avid traveler, she recently backpacked Australia for a year. In her spare time she enjoys playing sports and visiting with friends and family. Her favourite thing about working at McLean Hallmark is her co-workers and the culture created by management and the owner.

  • Daniel Yu

    Daniel Yu

    Client Executive

    This quiet University of Toronto graduate is full of surprises. As a newbie to insurance, Daniel has adjusted well from a career in marketing. A talented Erhu player, he has earned his Class 10 Professional Certificate. He loves the team atmosphere at Navigators. When he’s not working with the team in the office you can find him on the basketball court with another team.

  • Karen Jones

    Karen Jones

    Client Manager

    You would not want to take Karen on in a game of darts. After a career change 11 years ago, this award winning dart player entered the insurance industry ready to help clients with their every need. When she’s not at work, or playing darts you can find Karen doing jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku or reading.

  • Kassa Kebede

    Kassa Kebede

    Client Executive

    Kassa is one of the few who actually sought out a career in insurance. After studying insurance in college, Kassa worked on the insurance company side before joining the Navigators broker team. When he’s not fighting for the best coverage and price for clients you can find him fighting his friends in the boxing ring, or reading peacefully at home.

  • Lance Bonham

    Lance Bonham

    Client Executive

    We’re not saying Lance is a genius, but he has built three computers on his own. Somehow we were lucky enough to have this business grad from McMaster University join our team. When he’s not at work you can find him smashing a 300+ yard drive at the golf course and frequenting a local Tim Hortons. His favourite part of working at McLean Hallmark is blowing off steam playing ping pong at lunch.

  • Nick Bovolaneas

    Nick Bovolaneas

    Client Executive

    This former professional Halo gamer is a sharp shooter when it comes to protecting your home and car. Nick is one to set goals and then achieve them. Whether it’s beating the millennial odds and owning a house in his early 20s or captaining and coaching improve teams Nick’s drive to succeed is outstanding.

  • Penny Thompson

    Penny Thompson

    Client Manager

    What started as a temporary job has led to a 39 year career in insurance for Penny. She has been with McLean Hallmark for 20 years! She’s a regular Betty Crocker in the kitchen. She enjoys knitting, golf and exploring the wine regions of Ontario. Penny’s co-workers can always count on her for a joke or two and she loves working with them every day.

  • Rachelle Bugelli

    Rachelle Bugelli

    Client Executive

    As one of our resident motorcycle experts Rachelle earned herself the “New Kid on The Block” award for rookie sales success in 2016. When she’s not helping motorcyclists protect their bikes, she’s schooling her brothers on the basketball court or cheering on the Falcons. Though she never thought insurance was a career for her, the people she works with make her very happy to come to work every day.

  • Roya Hamedankhan

    Roya Hamedankhan

    Client Executive

    Roya may be a twin but she’s definitely one of a kind. After moving to Canada from Iran Roya and her family found it difficult to navigate insurance. Because of this she was inspired to help other new Canadian’s by becoming an insurance broker. When she’s not helping people settle into their new lives you can find her spending time with her family, cooking, watching Netflix and dancing.

  • Saima Kamran

    Saima Kamran

    Client Manager

    Saima has a need for speed, and she loves talking about cars. Since moving from Dubai in 2006, Saima has been a Rock Star in insurance, she even won an award for it in a previous role. When she’s not talking about your car insurance at work, she’s at home washing her Audi with her son, working out and watching movies.

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