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You’ve got a lot riding on your wheels

Your car is more than a vehicle; it’s how you travel to the places that matter to you. Everyone knows Ontario drivers are required by law to have insurance, but do you know how your coverage works, and how to reduce your premiums?

Car Insurance Coverage

How coverage works:


  • 1. Mandatory Coverages

    If you plan on taking your car onto the road you must have third party liability, direct compensation property damage and basic accident benefits. Third party liability protects you if someone sues you for damage to property or injury to someone. Direct compensation property damage pays to fix your car if you’re in an accident where you’re not at-fault. Basic accident benefits coverage including rehabilitation, medical and disability payments if you are injured in an accident.

  • 2. Basic Coverages

    You can also add coverage called collision and comprehensive. Collision coverage pays the cost to repair your car if you’re in an accident where you’re at-fault. Comprehensive coverage provides protection if your car is stolen, vandalized or damaged by fire.

  • 3. Extra Coverages

    There’s a wide variety of extra coverages you can add onto your policy including rental car, waiver of depreciation on a new car, emergency road service and so on.  Most importantly, you can increase your accident benefits to ensure your have the right amount of coverage should you be seriously injured in an accident. More information on this can be found below.

What our clients say:

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How to Maximize Your Savings on Car Insurance:

  1. Make sure you have all the discounts you’re entitled to
    Did you know there are as many as 15 types of discounts available on your car insurance policy including snow tires,
    anti-theft device, multi-vehicle, driver’s education training, low annual mileage driven, student away at college or
    university and many more!
  2. Bundle your insurance
    An easy way to save is to have your car and home insurance with the same insurance companThe savings are
    significant – $200 or more.
  3. Carry a Higher Deductible
    Most drivers carry a $500 deductible on their collision and comprehensive coverage (this is the amount you must pay
    first when making a claim).  Increase it to $1,000 (or higher) and you’ll easily save 15%.
  4. Drive Safely
    The two factors that have the greatest impact on what you pay for your insurance are the number of at-fault
    accidents and tickets (speeding, not parking!).  Keep these off your record and you’ll get the best price possible.
  5. Take Control with Telematics
    Some of the more progressive insurance companies we represent offer a unique policy that uses telematics to
    determine how much you pay.  Drive within the speed limit, avoid aggressive braking and acceleration and driving at
    risky times of the day (rush hour) and you can shave as much as $300 off your premium.  Your driving habits are
    recorded either through a plugin device or smartphone app.

Protecting Your Family With Increased Accident Benefits

The vast majority of serious injuries are the result of car accidents. If you’re seriously injured you can incur significant rehab costs, medical bills, caregiver expenses and lost wages. The mandatory accident benefits coverage provides a basic level of coverage – $65,000 in medical and rehabilitation expense coverage if you’re not seriously injured and $400 per week for lost wages. If you earn more than $30,000 and/or don’t have comprehensive group benefits coverage including disability insurance you may not be properly covered and could be at a huge loss if you’re injured in an accident. Speak to one of our team members to find the limits right for you!