Motorcycle Insurance

Nothing beats a motorcycle ride on the open road. Well, one thing does, peace of mind that you have with the right coverage for your bike.  At Navigators, we have motorcycle enthusiasts on our team and we work with five insurance companies who specialize in motorcycle insurance, so you can rest assured that we get it.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, hobby rider, having a midlife crisis, or it’s your main form of transportation, we’ve got you covered like a leather jacket.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Motorcycle Insurance Basics

Much like car insurance, motorcycle insurance policies come with a standard set of coverages that cover both the liability and physical damage to your bike. We’ll help you find the right balance of coverage for you, depending on what you’re most worried about.

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  1. It starts with the rider!
    Being a responsible bike owner and rider ensures you can keep your premium low. Store your bike somewhere safe, only ride on optimal road conditions, and above all, be safe!
  2. Your bike matters
    By choosing a well-known, reliable bike brand you can often save some cash. For example getting insurance for your touring bike, is going to be cheaper than a bike with less of a reputation for safety. Sport bikes tend to be harder to insure, particularly if you’re a new rider.
  3. Your experience matters
    There’s a learning curve to riding and insurance companies know all about it. If you’re new to your bike you’ll likely pay higher premiums for being a newbie. However, if you’re a motorcycle veteran you should see those premiums coming up a little cheaper with experience.
  4. How much you ride
    Did you know that how often and how far you ride affects your premium? Let us know how much you ride and we’ll help find the right coverage for your use.