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Drive with Uber? Let us know!

At Navigators, we believe in the sharing economy.  We also believe in making sure you are covered no matter what you’re using your car for.  Letting us know that you drive for Uber is an important step in ensuring that you, your car and your passengers are all safe.

Many insurance companies have taken a hard stance against Uber. The good news is that we work with a few companies who play nice with the sharing economy. Our team can help you choose an insurance company who supports your efforts moving people around your city.

Uber Driving Insurance

I thought Uber Drivers were covered by Uber’s Policy? What gives!

You’re right! Uber does have a fleet policy, but here’s where it gets a bit tricky. Uber’s fleet policy only covers you when the app is on, to certain limits. Even though you’re covered for the three different stages of driving with Uber: waiting for a request, driving to the pick-up location, and the ride until the rider leaves your car, your insurance company needs to know because rates are based on how you use your car, no matter how else you’re covered. Driving for Uber is seen as a business activity by most insurance companies. If you don’t come clean with your driving for Uber, you risk your insurance being cancelled for misrepresenting your car use. If you’re cancelled for that reason, the effect(s) on your premium is devastating, if you can even get insurance at all. We like to say “better safe than sorry.”

Uber Delivery Driver Insurance

What about Uber Eats, Foodoora, Door Dash or other delivery apps?

Believe it or not Uber’s fleet policy doesn’t cover Uber’s food delivery product, UberEats. If you are delivering for Uber Eats you have a gap in your coverage.

This gap exists for all types of delivery apps. Standard insurance policies do not cover any business activity. At Navigators our insurance companies only cover personal insurance products. If you need insurance for your delivery gig you’ll need to speak to a business insurance broker.

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