Do you rent your home through a home sharing service like Airbnb or Homeaway/VRBO?

At Navigators, we believe in the sharing economy.  We also believe in making sure you are covered no matter who is in your home.  Letting us know that you make income from renting out your home, even for just a few days, is an important step in ensuring that you, your home and your guests are all safe.

Some insurance companies have taken a hard stance against home sharing, refusing to cover claims caused by guests. The good news is that we work with a few companies who play nice. Our team can help you choose an insurance company who supports you in making income off of what is likely your biggest investment.

What coverage do I need?

If you rent out your home or other property over a certain number of days per year you will need to buy extra insurance coverage. Not only is it a smart idea, but it’s also required by most insurance companies. If you fail to inform the insurance company that you are renting out your place you could be denied coverage in the event of a claim, or worse, your policy could be cancelled for misrepresenting how you use the property!

The coverage offered by the insurance companies we work with goes far beyond coverages offered by home share platforms.

If you rent your home out and rely on protections available from the home share platform you aren’t covered for personal liability if a guests gets hurt on your property, unintentional damage to your home by guests, loss of rental income and damage to things belonging to the guest.

The good news is this coverage isn’t expensive, and our team can help you figure out how much coverage you need based on how often you rent your place out.

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