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Condo Owners Insurance

Did you know that if you own a condo you need a special type of home insurance? Many people who own condos don’t realize that they need insurance; they wrongly assume they are covered by the condo building’s policy. However the building’s policy misses tons of things you definitely want coverage for!

Your building’s coverage typically only covers common areas like the elevators, gym, public areas and pool. It doesn’t cover any of your personal belongings, improvements you make to your condo, damage you cause to another unit or the liability if someone gets hurt while visiting you.


Condo Insurance

Another important reason for needing condo insurance is that as the owner of a condo unit, you have shared ownership in the whole building. This means that if something were to happen to a common area of the condo beyond the building’s policy, you may be on the hook to help pay to fix it. Additionally, if the damage caused started in your condo, for example a kitchen fire, you may be responsible for the entire deductible of the building policy which can be tens of thousands of dollars. Condo owners insurance will help pay the deductible.

Condo owner insurance starts as low as $15 per month! Give our team a call to find out how you can protect everything you own from your laptop to your clothes, from your shoes to your bike.

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