ATV Insurance

Whether you’re riding around your cottage property, on public trails or taking the back roads you need insurance for your ATV. ATV insurance is not only mandatory when riding on the road, but it also gives you legal protections if you’re pulled over by the police. It also gives you peace of mind to ride free knowing you’re covered in an accident or injury to yourself or others.

ATV Insurance

What coverage do you need?

  • Liability Coverage
    At minimum you must have Liability Coverage in case an accident leads to an injury or damage to property while operating your ATV.

Additionally you can add:

  • Comprehensive Coverage
    This coverage protects you if your ATV is stolen, vandalized or damaged by a hazard on the road.
  • Collision Coverage
    Exactly what it sounds like, coverage for your ATV if it is damaged by a collision.

ATV insurance can be a standalone policy or added onto your current car insurance policy depending on how it’s used. Our team can help you pick the right coverage. With your ATV insurance in our hands you have the peace of mind knowing you and your ATV are protected.

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