Just like a car or ATV, RVs and motorhomes also require insurance on the road. For the purposes of insurance an RV or motorhome is a vehicle that combines a living space with transportation. If your weekend getaway is detached from your car like a camper van, pop up or travel trailer, you’ll only need trailer insurance.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full time traveler there’s an RV insurance policy for you.

RV Insurance Basics

If you’re driving an RV you’ll need all of the same coverages you’d need for your car: Third Party Liability, Property Damage, Uninsured Driver, and Accident Benefits. However since you may be spending more time in it than your car, and may be carrying more valuable items or people you may want to consider some additional coverage.

RV Insurance Ad-Ons

  • Collision Coverage

    Coverage for a collision or something like a roll over.

  • Comprehensive Coverage

    Coverage for damage caused by something other than an accident like a fire, storm or theft.

  • Emergency Vacation Expenses

    If something interrupts your stay in your RV, you can get coverage for an emergency stay elsewhere

  • Full-time Coverage

    If you decide to take your life on the road and live in your RV full time you will need coverage for your personal items since you won’t have a home policy to fall back on.

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