Questions To Ask When Looking For An Insurance Quote

March 06, 2018

When you’re looking for an insurance quote, what questions should you ask? it’s important to know who you’re dealing with, and better what that company is going to do to provide the best service and products for your lifestyle and budget. Here are some things you should ask:

How Many Insurance Companies Do You Represent?

Why Ask This? The more insurance companies a brokerage represents the more options they can provide to you. For the record, we represent more than 15 companies.

Can You Cover Everything I Own and Love?

Why Ask This? Imagine having to go to several grocery stores just to pick up your weekly basics. That would be annoying. The same goes for an insurance brokerage. Working with one brokerage for all of your insurance needs means you only have one company to check in with at renewal time, and often insurance products can be bundled for discounts!  At Navigators we’ve got you covered from your home and car, to your cottage, boat and other toys to your rental income property. We can also hook you up with life insurance through our sister company and pet insurance for your furry friends! Leaving everything behind and going on a trip? We offer travel insurance too!

What Do I Do If I Have A Claim?

Why Ask This? Brokers can provide useful insight and direction when you need to make a claim. The best brokers want you to get in touch with them first when you’re making a claim. They want to make sure you’re ok, and will help guide you through the process. Most brokerages make use of the after-hours claims service offered by Insurance companies but if your broker really cares, they also want you to tell them about your claims when they happen so they can help advocate for you through the process.

How and When Can I Contact You?

Why Ask This? Quality insurance brokers provide you with support when you need it. They should have support beyond the standard 9am-5pm and multiple ways to get in touch. Not to brag, but we offer phone, email, text and chat to our clients.

What Perks Can Certain Insurance Companies Offer?

Why Ask This?  Brokers know the best deals and perks on the market. One of the companies we represent, RSA offers AirMiles when you purchase a policy with them. You can get one reward mile for every $20 you spend including taxes, and if you happen to have a credit card that offers AirMiles you can get even more AirMiles!

Do you have an app or client portal?

Why Ask This?  It’s 2018! You wouldn’t work with a bank that doesn’t offer online banking. Why should your insurance be any different? Again, not bragging, but our app and client portal allows clients to view billing history, produce pink slips, start claims and request coverage changes.

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