Ways to Save on Home Heating

January 09, 2018

Baby, it’s cold outside! While Ontarians face some of the highest energy bills in the country there are lots of things you can do to keep warm in the winter while saving on your home heating bills.

Seal off Windows and Doors with Weather Stripping

If you live in an older house or apartment chances are that your windows are drafty. Spend less time wondering where the draft is coming from and more time watching Netflix, by applying the role of weather strip to your windows. By preventing the cold from getting in, you can lower your bill by up to 10%.

Decorate for Warmth.

If you live in an older house or apartment chances are that your windows and floors are drafty. Cover windows with heavy blinds to keep the heat in. If you have a window that gets lots of sun during the day leave the curtains open to let the sun in and close them at night to trap the heat!

Drafty floorboards are no match for a soft rug which can stop warm air from escaping into the basement.  If you have furniture that sits on top of your heat vents, consider rearranging for the winter. The easier air can disperse around the room, the warmer it will be.

White heating pipes.

Leave the Oven Open After Cooking

Once you’re done any cooking, turn the oven off and leave the door open to send all of that warm air into your home. Be careful to keep children away from the oven when it’s open.

Layer Up

Wearing a sweater and some warm socks can help you keep your home’s thermostat (and your bill) low.

Turn Down The Heat

This one seems obvious but by turning your heat down by 7-10° at night while you sleep and while you’re away at work or school can save you up to 10% on your heating costs. This is even easier if you have a programmable thermostat. Throw an extra blanket on the bed and fall asleep to the sweet sound of $avings.

Switch to a Wood Stove… or Not!

While switching from electric heat to a wood stove you would certainly save money on your heating bill, however insurance companies are not a fan of this heating method. Having a wood stove can drive up your premiums and some insurance companies will reject you altogether.

At Navigators we’ll help you get the insurance coverage you need for your toasty warm home and you can get a quote from the comfort of your Snuggie. Request a home insurance quote today!

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