Top 6 Apps for Keeping Your New Years Resolutions

December 11, 2018

We don’t know about you but we all have big hopes for new years resolutions and the hardest part of having them is keeping them. Most of our resolutions are related for habits and going into 2019 we have a list of top apps to help you keep resolutions this year!

Resolution: Read More

Scribd is basically the Netflix of Books featuring magazines, books, audio books and documents. Scribd offers some of today’s top reads for the same price or less than a Netflix account. If your goal is to read more this year, Scribd might be a way to do it! It’s available on the Apple and Google Play stores as well as available on the Kindle Fire device.

Resolution: Learn a New Language

Il est difficile d’apprendre une nouvelle langue. It is hard to learn a new language but if that’s your goal this year check out Doulingo. Learn quickly or at a gradual pace with this gameified language learning app. They have over 20 languages to choose from, and cute graphics to keep you entertained. Learn vocabulary, spelling and even speaking!

Resolution : Eat Healthier

After the holidays a lot of us feel the food baby growing. If your goal is to eat healthier in 2019, Nutrino will help you plan healthy meals based on your personal preferences. You can also use the app to log your food, exercise and other information so the app can learn more about you and your lifestyle.

Resolution: Follow a Budget

Sometimes we all go a little crazy with holiday spending. Take control in 2019 with a top rated budget app. Mint, made by the same company that makes Quickbooks and Turbo Tax, helps you keep track of and manage your money from a list of banks, and other financial institutions. Mint automatically categorizes your transactions linked to credit and debit cards and breaks down your spending. It can also help you keep track of savings for a specific goal.

Resolution: Stress Less

Many experts recommend meditating as a way to lower stress in your life. Headspace is a top app for helping beginners learn to meditate. It has a social component which helps keep you on track and the guided meditations help even the most novice of meditators. A subscription to premium content will cost you about 13$ per month but they also have some free content!

Resolution: Get in Shape

Nike+ Training Club adapts to your goals and fitness level to give you a personalized training plan. It’s integrated with social apps like Facebook and allows you to keep each other motivated with shout outs!


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